Reopening Guidelines

Diversey Reopening Guidelines Diversey Reopening Guidelines

Are you ready to open your doors again?


Having been through a disruptive period with high uncertainty, these 10 tips for reopening can help you assess risks, measure daily progress, and optimize your cleaning and disinfection processes. Working together as a team, focusing on a mutual goal and the tasks needed to prepare to open your doors also raises staff morale.

Reopening guidelines

Our experts in hygiene, infection prevention and cleaning solutions are here to help you prepare for opening and to create a safe, welcoming environment. Together, we'll take your quality of service, safety and care to the next level with our unique technologies like Oxivir®. We’ll be with you every step of the way. It's at the heart of everything we do — to protect and care for people every day.

Here is your 10-questions checklist


1. What are my government and industry guidelines?

Guidelines for both SARS and SARS-CoV-2 concentrate on protecting contaminated areas from active viruses.

They ensure that personnel and visitors can safely enter a building to resume normal work or leisure routines, just as they did before the pandemic. Please refer to your local government and industry guidelines as you prepare to reopen your facility.


ECDC Guidelines          WHO guidelines           Read Government guidelines

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2. What are the latest cleaning and disinfection protocols for reopening?

Diversey recommends cleaning and disinfecting all areas intensively, with extra emphasis on disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. Whether you are in hospitality, running a school, a gym or a bar, we got you covered with sector-specific reopening guidelines.

Reopening cleaning wallchart

Download your guidelines for reopening now and be well prepared.


Download Reopening Guidelines

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3. What are the required PPE?

  • Any Personal Protective Equipment required should be decided well in advance so that there are no questions or delays when it is needed.
  • Staff will need training on how to use PPE, including the correct way to put it on, taking it off, how to maintain it, and the right way to dispose of it.
  • Effective hand hygiene is also vital, before and after using gloves.
  • Workers may require one or more of the following items depending on the pathogens of concern;
    • Disposable gloves
    • Face masks Safety
    • Glasses
    • Apron
Reopening team and customers safety


Our recommended products are very safe in normal use. Some hazardous materials may require preventative measures, such as ventilation or the use of goggles, gloves or other personal protective equipment (PPE).

Check below to check the relevant Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


Find PPE  Information

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4. Are my staff trained in the latest cleaning and disinfecting protocols?

When training and preparing your staff to open your doors, an all-in-one cleaner and disinfectant will optimize your labour efficiency, allowing you to welcome new visitors quickly. To minimize training for your staff, consider using pre-wetted cleaning and disinfection wipes. 

To understand which frequent touchpoints to clean and disinfect, how often to clean during the day, where to provide hand hygiene solutions, and which products to use against viruses (like the Coronavirus), get your free training guides below and be well prepared for reopening.

Click below to download your free training materials.


Download Training Materials

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5. What are the right surface cleaners and registered disinfectants?

Commonly touched surfaces should be cleaned when visibly soiled and disinfected regularly using a registered disinfectant that is effective against coronaviruses.

  • Make disinfectant wipes available for anyone to use at lobby entry points and other public areas.
  • Clean and disinfect all public areas frequently as well as cleaning tools and machines several times per day, or hourly depending on facility traffic.

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6. Which are the correct hand hygiene solutions?

Smart Handwashing System Diversey

Safety starts with hand hygiene.

At key points throughout the day, individuals should practice hand hygiene to disrupt the transmission of disease to others.

1. Wash hands frequently with soap and water.

2. Sanitize with a hand rub if soap and water are not available.

3. Ensure an effective hand sanitizer is available for all visitors at the entrance

Click below to learn all about Hand Hygiene.


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7. What reminders do I have in place to ensure a clean and safe facility?

In order to reassure your visitors and staff, it is essential to place communication signs and material at desks and on notice boards. These need to be around reception and work areas, meeting rooms and in kitchen and restaurant areas, on all floors.

Ensure employees have the right products to clean their work areas. Add cleaning & disinfectant wipes, refillable soap dispensers, and lotions or barrier cream stations.

How to use disinfecting wipes at the office

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8. How do I ensure my cleaning equipment is ready?

For your facility to be ready to reopen, it's essential that you check that your equipment is in good working order.

Follow these simple guidelines for safe cleaning and preparation.


Equipment Guides                   Equipment Videos


Don’t forget about your cleaning chemicals:

  • Check the expiration date of your chemicals.
  • Dispose of surface cleaners opened 2 years ago.
  • Dispose of solution previously prepared on-site from concentrate. (clean the bottle to reduce the risk of microbial growth).
  • Clean the nozzles of your dispensers.


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9. Do I have sufficient cleaning and disinfecting supplies ready for reopening?

  • You'll need to prepare your facility's cleaning and disinfecting supplies and their lead times in advance. Items to consider include registered disinfectants, hand hygiene products, disposable wipes, cleaning products, paper towels, waste bags, toilet paper, PPE, and any cleaning tools. 
  • Planning should also include how much to order and when to reorder. Keep a close eye on stock for the first weeks and plan to adapt to the new situation.


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10. Do I have an auditing system to verify compliance with my cleaning and disinfection routines?

Audits are a tool to objectively check if cleaning and disinfection are done in the right way and with the right frequency.

Aspects to be checked can include:

  • Are we practicing enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures?
  • Do we use effective products for each cleaning and disinfection task?
  • Do we have the right amount of product and PPE on stock?
  • Is staff sufficiently trained and regularly reminded about what to do?

External audits help to reassure you and your staff but are also an effective tool to make your efforts visible to customers and other target audiences. This clearly communicates that your facilities and operations adhere to strict hygiene measures.

Cleaning auditing system Diversey

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